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The Opportunity score, or Oscore, was created to address the fundamental barriers to employment, housing, education, and participation with their children’s activities for 100 million Americans with a criminal record.  This dynamic universal standard lessens ambiguity for evaluators, much like the credit score to the static credit report, creating opportunities for those currently limited by a past mistake.

The criminal background industry is fraught with longstanding issues and is prime for sweeping disruption.  Oscore has the potential to transform the background industry with as much impact as CreditKarma has had on the credit industry.  (CreditKarma was acquired by Intuit in December 2020 for $7B.)

This is a fifty state solution.  It is a socially conscious advanced tech innovation with billion dollar and winner-take-all potential.  More importantly, the potential social impact cannot possibly be measured by dollars and cents.

We are offering an opportunity for select individuals to be founding members of our private placement Angel Fund.  The investment by Angel Members will change the lives of millions of people, redirect the futures of their children, slow the rate of recidivism, and lowering the number of victims nationwide.

Our Fund is confined to a select few and limited to a maximum aggregate amount.  Future rounds of financing will be necessary; however, these will be restricted and reserved for participating Angel Fund Members and specific venture capital groups.

Please review our site, including our investor section, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Website:  dasmi.net
(password to investor section is “oscore” without the quotes)

Direct personal inquiries to:

Brian Poe
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