Total Addressable Market


13 Million Businesses have Employees

92% of Businesses with Employees Conduct Background Checks

Over 10,000 Business have more than 1,000 Employees

127,000 Business have more than 100 Employees

$4.5B Addressable Market


110 Million People Rent their Homes

Public Housing Maintains 995,000 Units
(100% require background checks)

Over 3.5M Section 8 and Gov Housing Vouchers Units

21.4M Apartments and Condos owned by Corporate Entities
(99% require background checks)

Individual Landlords Own over 19M Properties

$3.7B Addressable Market


38 Million People Currently Enrolled in Post Secondary Institutions

Over 60% of Admissions Conduct Background Checks

1,800 Public Universities and Colleges

1,680 Private Colleges

8,500 Trade and Vocational Schools

1,100 For Profit Schools

$152M Addressable Market

Other Background Check Requirements

Over 3 Million Commercial Driver’s Licenses Annually

Over 1 Million Hazardous Driver’s Licenses Annually

Volunteer at 133,000 Public High and Elementary Schools

Volunteer at 32,000 Private High and Elementary Schools

Volunteer for 45M Children Playing Organized Sports

856,238 Child Care Providers

Millions of Occupational License Applicants Annually

?  Addressable Market