1 in 3 Americans have a Criminal Record

A criminal record stays with an individual forever, resulting in a life sentence that prevents basic-need opportunities and the ability to reestablish back into the community as a productive member of society.


9 out of 10 employers conduct background checks.


Most private and government rental property providers conduct background checks.


More than half of colleges conduct record checks.

Occupational Licensing

1 in 4 jobs require a state license.


Over 45,000 legal barriers exist across the nation limiting opportunities for those with a record.

Lifetime Bans

These laws include automatic exclusions and lifetime bans.

Dynamic Universal Standard

Current evaluation and assessment procedures are too subjective, with approval decided by an individual manager’s personal opinion or an organization’s blanket policy.

Oscore has introduced the Opportunity Score.  Oscore is a dynamic universal scoring standard as a supplement to the criminal record. This concept mirrors that of the credit score which provides lenders a present-day  assessment of credit worthiness in addition to the historical credit report.
Oscore provides a present-day assessment in addition to the historical criminal record. Thanks to this, it reflects a more accurate depiction of who an individual is today.