For 100 Million Americans

Life is a long, hard road


One mistake results in lifelong
challenges to obtain employment,
housing and even education.


Decision makers do not have a
standard by which to assess an
individual’s potential risk.


Lack of opportunities without
an option to reattain normalcy
leads to more bad decisions.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem,
and a big idea
turn into an innovation.

What We Have to Offer

A socially conscious universal scoring solution designed specifically to allow entities to evaluate the criminal history of individuals applying for employment, housing, education, and other prosocial opportunities enhancing successful reintegration.

Our advanced technology capable of normalizing reams of analytics and data into a single three-digit number revolutionizes the world of applicant determination.

Futuristic Approach

The first, and only, solution to incorporate positive data elements and mitigating factors to offset criminal justice entries.

Overwhelming Market

Every employer, landlord and other decision maker who conducts background checks in every county of every state.

Essential Solution

A true pain killer of a product, not a vitamin, millions of people’s lives will be worse without this solution.  The anticipated outcomes are measurable and extraordinary.  The more individuals focus on raising and attaining a high score, the better our society becomes, including less criminal activity, lowered corrections costs, and reduced victimization.

Flagship Performance

The DASMI team is comprised of professionals with the highest levels of executive experience in the criminal justice system, assisted thousands through reintegration programs, created technologies specifically for the offender populations, and recognized by peers and national media as subject matter experts.

Our Awesome Impact

Providing context to past behavior removes a great deal of ambiguity.  A dynamic universal standard that is easy to understand decreases subjectivity and the need for blanket bans.

Behavior Modification
Self-motivated behavior modification is the answer to lowering recidivism.   Realization of opportunity and the ability to obtain previously forbidden goals and dreams increases self-efficacy and sense of accomplishment.

Next Generation
The DASMI scoring model is the solution to decelerate the multigenerational cycle of poverty and criminal activity passed on by parents without opportunities to get their life back on track to their children who begin their lives at a major disadvantage.

Comparable to the Credit Score